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It’s all about thoughtfulness.

What idea, concept or message do you need to convey to your audience? Who is your audience? Put yourself in their shoes and listen. Feel their pain and desires. Is your message believable? After you arrive at the big idea, the real work is selling it to your boss. It’s all in a day’s work at JWDesign.

Gallery includes, from left to right
Nitix OS Sorry Bill children’s book introducing “The system that’s changing the system.”
Mechtronix introduced a whole new class of innovative flight simulators from the smallest to the largest aircraft.
MCT Builds test handling equipment that could save time and money on the most important part of the semiconductor industry.
RAD doesn’t build sexy bleeding edge technology, but they needed to distinguish themselves from the other suppliers who did the same thing.
Gladson needed to invigorate the men’s custom suit market with something they might not have. A suit that made them look thinner.


Trade show displays

We work with our clients and some of the largest display houses in the world to develop compelling images and messaging to complement their designs.

Gallery includes, from left to right
Nitix OS Display included giveaway of child’s car that looked just like our illustration
Bitwave Pop up trade show display graphic
CyberArk two part display graphics had a clear message of safety
Gladson’s wall display was created using locally printed canvases with precise instructions for placement eliminating shipping costs                                                                        

Printed catalogs

From Look Books to fashion catalogs, beautifully designed catalogs will always be at hand for people who want to see what’s available without waiting for a page to load.

Galery includes, from left to right
Dazian Included all of their fabrics and color choices in a chemistry inspired catalog that combined selections in a intuitive way that made it easy to find things
McDonalds uniform catalog featured models wearing items in their working environment
KFC Uniform catalog cover
Crest uniforms for the medical catalog was over 90 pages long and used over 300 original photos                                                                

Informative Graphics

We seem to be developing a knack for these. Taking complex issues and turning them into simple easy to understand stories and graphics. There are lots of samples and you’ll have to contact us to see more.

Gallery includes, starting from left to right
Sycamore Networks needed a simple diagram to visually display a mobile cell station access gateway to an optical trunk so engineers would understand it at a glance
Gladson wanted to make some noise about what they did for men’s fashion
CyberWrk wanted to visually display how their architecture worked for non-technical bankers

Social Media, Email Blasts, Newsletters

We work with clients to develop and grow their social media marketing and populate them with exciting and news-worthy content . We create and send e mail blasts, surveys and newsletters and help set up blogs, Facebook, twitter and Tumblr pages and keep them current. 

Gallery includes, starting from left to right
MCT uses a site developed with a customer database periodically reminds customers of the newest products and updates and drives them to their website
Gladson’s Facebook page is where customers get the latest news about mens fashion and fabric trends
Gladson’s Tumblr page posts blogs and stories that keep them relevant
Gladson’s Facebook page is updated and reviewed daily so that its content is always relevant
Mechtronix needed different newsletters in both online and printed formats for the commercial and general segments of the aviation industry each with their own interests and needs 

We work with our clients to develop short easy to digest videos that get your message across and won’t bore your audience.

From design to development, websites are the life blood of every organization and JWDesign along with our partner The SPI Group build compelling websites for some of the largest companies in the world.

It all starts with a great concept, one that transcends graphic gimmickry and hackneyed headlines.  A good advertising concept has creative legs that makes its easy to keep your advertising message consistent and visuals inviting.

A JW branding exercise can start with the process of finding your brand voice and creating the proper messaging for your business, or it can be designing a new logo, crafting a statement mark or tagline, and furnishing a user manual. Whatever your requirements, JWDesign supports your brand with simple, elegant and well thought out assets.


We have fun, you have fun its a win-win for everyone.


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We strive for perfection and that's never easy.